We represent children and young people from three European countries – Bulgaria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Some of us are very young and some of us are nearly adults. Some of us have disabilities and some of us have had difficult lives so far. We are from all sorts of backgrounds, from different cultures, different religions, black and white.

This website has been written following workshops with us. In these workshops we talked about our feelings, our experiences and we gave our opinions on violence and safety. A lot of it is shown through pictures.

Although the workshops were done in three different countries you will see we all have similar stories.

We were happy to do the workshops because we wanted you to read the website and to understand where we are coming from. We believe you when you say you want your work with children to be “child-centred”. We also understand that for most of you it is a long time since you were children yourselves so you could maybe do with some help.

Being child centred is about putting the wishes and feelings of children at the centre of your thinking and at the centre of all you do. We hope this helps.

Enjoy the Website and Good Luck!

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Gallery "What do we need to feel safe?"
Gallery "What do we need from adults?"