When adults have big problems, they tend to forget about us. You forget that we are there too. We see and hear everything. You don’t ask us what we want and how we feel. When we try to tell you something, you tell us “It’s none of you business.” or “Everything’s gonna be alright.” But it’s not always like this.

When it’s difficult for us and we are scared because of violence we need to know that you do your best to protect us and don’t involve us in your conflicts instead. We need you to explain to us what is going on. We don’t want to feel guilty that you are having problems. We need to feel that we are important to you, even if you are desperate.

We need to (be able to) talk to you. Please listen to what we say.

Take us seriously. We will have our own opinion about what should happen. Listen to us.

We don’t expect you to do everything we say, but take notice of it.

Explain things.

Include us.

Don’t judge us.

And if sometimes we can have a laugh together, that’s cool too.

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