Our campaign

November 19th is the World Day for Prevention of Abuse and Violence against Children.

This is why we decided to show how easy it is for adults to ignore children. This can happen to every one of us.  But when adults systemically rejects a child whenever he/she tries to communicate, we talk about child neglect – one of the most common and invisible forms of abuse of children.

If a child’s point of view is not given due weight, children grow up with the conviction that there is no point in dreaming and in making wishes. They may grow up alienated and insecure. Or they learn that they need to use force to make their wishes come true.

Human relationships tomorrow depend on how we treat children today.

Reforma Advertizing Agency worked pro bono for the design of the children’s broken sentences. These are being disseminated by means of billboards, brochures, postcards and posters in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Bulgaria so that a larger adult audience can be reached. They aim at making adults review the ways in which they treat children.

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